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How to Change WI-FI Password

Change Wifi Password Arris TG1672G

Setting the WIFI password and other parameters on the Arris TG1672G

Without a doubt, WIFI is the most convenient technology for internet connectivity at present time, allowing to connect plenty of devices at once as smart phones, tablets, wearables as smart watches, bands and more to the internet, without mentioning computers and laptops that are usually present in the house or office.

Therefore, to use and enjoy a secure WIFI connection is very important to avoid risks in terms of personal data and general access to our network, which can lead to poor performance and slow speed since intruders steal the bandwidth emitted by the router.

In this case we will be showing you how to set the Arris TG1672G wireless router by applying a proper password for the connection. However, before getting to do that we will address the different functions provided by this device, since is not only a wireless emitter but a comprehensive telephony equipment.

Features of the Arris TG1672G

In details, the Arris TG1672 is a comprehensive telephony gateway where all connectivity functions a house or office might need are gathered in one device, including all the ports and wireless functions to work with plenty of ISP or Internet Service Suppliers, although full compatibility must be checked first.

Here are some of the functions and features the modem and wireless router has to cover all the connectivity and telephony needs:

  • 2 RJ11 ports for voice lines: 2 analog voice lines through RJ11 ports in the back, for different phone numbers that is quite useful for offices and businesses.
  • 4 LAN Gigabit ports: the TG1672 is a wired router with up to 4 LAN Gigabit ports to share internet connection with computers, laptop and more and enjoy that reliability and speed only wired connection might provide through RJ45 ports.
  • DualBand WIFI Built-in: the device integrates a built-in dual-band WIFI function that allow to connect several handhelds at once, with up to 700 Mbps downloads on the 5 GHz band, compatible as well with the 2.4 GHz band with downloads of about 300 Mbps maximum.
  • Intel Atom Dual-Core processor inside: to manage all the functions and connections the Arris TG1672G is powered by a Dual-Core Atom processor manufactured by Intel, which is very capable for this type of purpose due to the two threads that are capable of running multiple tasks at once.

Now that we are aware of the plenty of functions provided by the Arris TG1672G, the next step is to access the router and set the parameters and security functions to protect the network against intruders, as a very important step due to the critical and personal information that is usually running on the personal devices connected, which can be vulnerable for people with unauthorized access.

Accessing the Arris TG1672G to set wireless functions

In order to start setting the Arris device properly, the first step is to access it and to do this we must follow some steps that are actually quite easy, allowing to modify factory parameters and get the most out of the router in terms of security, functionality, customization and reliability.

Before starting with the settings, we are going to need having the router connected, up and running, along with a computer or laptop connected physically to the machine for more reliability in the connection. To do that, let´s do the next steps:

  • Connect the Arris device to the computer via LAN port on the back and to the laptop or PC.
  • Turn on the modem router and the computer.

Now that the physical connection is done, we are going to be able to access the router properly and with a reliable linking bridge. In case there is not a computer available at the moment of accessing the device, it can be entered with a phone or tablet wirelessly through the WIFI network, with less reliability and a process that can be related with errors, though.

Follow the steps to access the wireless router:

  • Open a new tab or window on the internet browser of choice.
  • On the URL blank space, enter the URL address, which is the access gateway of the Arris TG1672G.
  • In order to grant accessibility, the router is going to ask the user to enter the login credentials. In case of username, the credential is “admin” all lowercase, while password is “admin”, too. These are the factory credentials and in case access is not granted, the Arris router must reset to default settings.
  • Press Enter on the keyboard and we should be logged and in.

Establishing a proper and secure WIFI password on the Arris TG1672G

Now that we are inside the Arris router, the steps to set the WIFI and provide a proper password for protection of the network and security in general can be followed, being:

  • We should be on the homepage of the router, specifically on the Basic Setup tab on the top. To start, on the tab menu on top click on either “Wireless 2.4 GHz” or “Wireless 5 GHz”, depending on if wanted to set a mono or dual-band WIFI setup. Options are similar for both band types.
  • The first blank space to fill in is “Wireless Network Name (SSID)”, which will be the name of the network.
  • Down below, on the Security Mode option select “WP2-PSK (AES)” for better encryption and security. WEP type should be avoided since it is quite vulnerable and obsolete these days.
  • Pre-Shared Key is the last option in in this blank space we are going to be able to write a new password, which should at least have 13 characters. It is recommended to select a passphrase with numbers and letter for better security and avoid access from intruders.
  • The last step would be clicking on “Apply” and changed will be saved. In case another WIFI password was set in the pass, every device with the old access information must be entered with the new passphrase to have internet connectivity. With this procedure the network is now safe and therefore every device connected to it and the personal information.