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How to Change WI-FI Password

How to change WIFI Password Spectrum and Charter router

Having a wireless network at home is a great advantage these days and almost a mandatory service, in order to connect all of our mobile and local devices to a fast WIFI very easily, guarantying fidelity and quality of the network even when there are many handhelds being used at once.

Of course, for this to happen there is the need of hiring a good ISP or internet service provider as Spectrum and Charter, with great plans and the addition of WIFI emitter that is provided to share the network wireless.

Easy process of changing WIFI password for Spectrum and Charter Services and Router Models

In many cases routers that are brought to the officesΒ΄ and homesΒ΄ customers by the company are left in default settings, and this means weak security for the WIFI network. So, letΒ΄s show you how to change WIFI password for Spectrum and Charter service regarding the many router models provided by the company. Here are the steps:

Using the Spectrum Official Website

  • The first step is to connect a computer, laptop or even phone to use to the router by wire or wirelessly, using the Spectrum internet and provided router.
  • To access the router through the ISP company platform, we are going to open a tab or window on the browser of choice, such as Chrome or Mozilla. On the URL address field we will enter: β€œ”.
  • If you already have a Password and Username to access, enter them on the β€œUser” and β€œPassword” fields. In case you do not, click on β€œCreate a Username” to establish access credentials.
  • Having entered the browser, on the left side menu click on β€œManage My Account” and then on β€œInternet”.
  • A list of routers and similar devices will appear, so you should select one and then click on β€œSee Device Information”.
  • On the sub-menu, click on β€œChange Password” and enter a new one.
  • End the process by clicking on β€œSave Changes”.

Using the Spectrum App on Phones and Tablets Running Android or iOS

  • Install the Spectrum app on your smartphone and run it. The application is available in Google Play and App Market for Android and iOS devices.
  • On the app, enter your email and user name on β€œEmail” and β€œUser” empty spaces.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the app and click on β€œInternet”.
  • Select the option β€œNetwork Name (SSID)” and then on β€œChange Spectrum WIFI Settings”.
  • On the β€œPassword” field enter the prior one and add a new one.
  • Click β€œApply” to save changes.

For Arris TG1672G Router Model

  • Using the preferred browser, add this IP address β€œ192.168.0.1” on the address bar and press β€œEnter”.
  • Complete the credentials: β€œadmin” as Username and β€œpassword” for Key phrase.
  • On the main menu, search for the option β€œSystem Basic Setup” and select β€œ2.4GHz”.
  • In the same section, add the old key phrase in β€œPassword” and then a new one.
  • Select β€œSave” to apply settings.

For Askey Router Models

  • Open a new browser and type the IP β€œ192.168.0.1” on the address bar.
  • Complete both credentials User and Password with the word β€œadmin”.
  • On the main menu, click on β€œAdvance” and then on β€œNetwork”.
  • Select β€œWireless” and in the Password box enter a new key phrase.
  • Click on β€œSave”.

For NetGear 3800 and Similar Router Model

  • With the device connected to the computer or phone by wire or wirelessly, open a new browser tab and visit the website β€œ”.
  • Write the word β€œadmin” and β€œpassword” for both User and Password credentials, respectively.
  • On the top main menu, select β€œSettings” and then β€œAccess Control”.
  • Change a new password on the β€œPassphrase” field.
  • Finish the process clicking on β€œApply”.

For Sagemcom 5260 and Sagemcom Devices in General

  • Enter the IP address β€œ192.168.1.1” on an internet browser.
  • Enter β€œadmin” for both User and Password credentials.
  • Go to β€œBasic” option on the main menu.
  • Write the new passphrase on the β€œPassword” field.
  • Select β€œSave” to apply changes.

For Technicolor TC8717T and similar Router Models

  • Open the IP address β€œ192.168.0.1” on the preferred browser.
  • To access the router, write the words β€œadmin” in Username and β€œpassword” in Password, respectively.
  • Click on β€œGateway” – β€œConnection” – β€œWIFI”.
  • Search for the field β€œPassword” and write a new one directly.
  • Select β€œSave Settings” to end the process.

For Ubee DVW32CB Router

  • Type the IP address β€œ192.168.0.1” on the address bar in Chrome, Edge or any other internet browser.
  • To access the device, in Username enter the word β€œadmin” and for β€œPassword” find it on a sticker on the router itself.
  • On the top menu click on β€œWireless”.
  • At this point, choose from the frequency options β€œ2.4 GHz” and β€œ5.0 GHz”.
  • In β€œNetwork Name (SSID)” add a new WIFI name.
  • In β€œWPA Pre-Shared Key” add the new password.
  • Click on β€œApply”.

All of the routers addressed before provide the function of customizing credentials, so in the case these are forgotten or default ones simply does not work, reset the devices by clicking them on the β€œReset” button behind for a few seconds and default credentials will be working just fine.