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How to Change WI-FI Password

How to Change WIFI Password | Tips to keep your home network and WiFi secure

In order to set a WIFI connection properly, such configuration must include establishing a password, in order to secure the network and keep any intruders away that would like to have access to the devices connected to the WIFI router, which would a privacy issue that can be risky for personal information and credentials. This is the process:

Accessing the Wireless Router Directly

The best way to change the WIFI password on the router is by directly accessing to its settings. While this process might be a little intimidating, it is in fact very easy and the most convenient to do the process.

  • First of all, make sure you have the wireless router connected PHYSICALLY to the computer from where you will be doing the process, through an Ethernet cable from the back of the device to the Ethernet port on the computer.

This is very important for the PC to recognize the wireless router properly.

  • Having finished the physical connections, the next step is turning on the computer and open a new tab or window on the internet browser of preference.

Now, it is time to write the IP address or gateway that gives access to the router on the search bar on the browser.

In most cases, such URL address by default is “”, but it might change from one manufacturer to the other, so it is recommendable to check the user manual or the bottom of the device to find the IP, along with the access credentials of the WIFI emitter.

  • With the IP and the credentials entered, you should be able to access the router. Usually, the options are shown in a general menu to the left.

The option to look for is “Wireless Settings” and then “Wireless Security”, and from there we will be able to change the password and enter a new one. The router probably will reset to apply new changes.

Tips to Keep the WIFI Connection as Safe as Possible

Now that we have set a password for our internet connection and made it safer, here are some advices to keep it as secure as it can be:

  • Always select the WAP-WAP2 encryptions, being the most secure when it comes to WIFI password.

Under no circumstance WEP encryption should be used, since is old and not safe anymore and is vulnerable to many types of hackings, even mobile apps on phones can crack password under WEP encryption.

  • For most of the current routers out there is possible to hide the name of the network or disable its broadcasting, so only those who know the name or SSID of the connection and password will access properly.

Also, this feature will prevent from annoying neighbors to know on the door and ask for WIFI credentials.

  • Routers and WIFI emitting devices from many brands are featured with MAC filters, allowing to connect only those devices which MAC address is registered.

This is very useful in terms of security and making WIFI networks safer, since even if someone has the password and SSID name, they will not be able to access due to the MAC filter, though.