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How to Change WI-FI Password

How to change WIFI Password TDS router

WIFI is a technology that is a necessity nowadays, as a tool that transforms a wired internet connection into a wireless one, with plenty of benefits in terms of the number of devices that can be connected at once, with no cable or mess whatsoever and almost no penalty regarding speed and quality of the network, particularly when a good router is put at use.

Nevertheless, a wireless connection or WIFI network is emitted through the air, and this means that everyone nearby can detect it with the phone and if it is not properly secured with a password, anyone would access and quality of connection will drop and what is more important; privacy and security issues might occur.

In the next section we will be showing how to change WIFI password for TDS devices, respecting two models in particular that the company provides.

Process to modify password on TDS Routers and Internet Service

TDS is a company that provide internet services, along with WIFI routers of their own brand that at the moment of installing work with default credentials for accessing and WIFI connectivity. This must be changed following the next process to secure the network properly:

For Arris Router Models

  • On a new tab or window on the internet browser of choice, on the address bar enter the next IP address: “”.
  • To access the router, type the word “admin” in both credentials empty spaces as Username and Password.
  • Click on “Login” to enter the router configuration.
  • On the left main menu, select the option “Network Name (SSID).
  • Down below, click on “WPA2-PSK” type of encryption for better password protection.
  • In the field “WPA Pre-Shared Key” add a new password.
  • To end the process, click on “Apply” and changes will be saved.

For TDS Wi-Fi Modem GT784WN, T3200M Router Models

  • Using the favorite browser, open a new tab or window and enter the IP address: “” on the address bar.
  • These routers allow access without entering credentials.
  • On the left menu, select the option “SSID Name”.
  • Change the “Security Key Type” option and select “WAP2-PSK”.
  • In the “Use Custom Key/Passphrase” field enter a new password.
  • By clicking in “Apply” the process is completed.

After following the prior steps, depending on the router models these may restart or not to apply changes. The “Reset” button is on the back and by pressing for a few seconds with a pointed object, the routers will return to default settings.