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How to Change WI-FI Password

How to change WIFI Password Mediacom router

Mediacom is a company that offers internet connectivity and other services in relation to communication and similar solutions, including software, hardware and infrastructure for home, office and business.

Such infrastructure includes the transmitters, such as modem and router to make the connection wireless and be able to provide internet to other devices, such as mobile phones, computers and laptops.

However, a WIFI network must be protected at all times with a password, so nobody can access the connection without it and therefore, guarantee the privacy and quality of the service in general and specifically, avoiding also other risks regarding personal information that mobile device and computers may involve.

Here is an easy process about how to change WIFI password for Mediacom connection and related devices.

Changing the WIFI password easily on Mediacom internet connection using the Control Panel and Home Network Manager

Before starting the process, make sure the computer, laptop or even mobile phone to use to perform the process is connected to the WIFI or network in question, wirelessly or by wire, and follow the next procedure:

  • Open a new tab or window on the internet browser of choice, and on the address bar type the next URL: “”. The WIFI network must have internet access to continue.
  • The Mediacom Control Panel will load and to access, on the User Name credential the user must enter the associated email address with the Mediacom service, known as Mediacom Id.
  • The next credential to complete is Passphrase, and by default the passkey on any associated account is “mediacom16”.
  • With the two credentials entered the next step is to click on “Login”. In case the credentials have been changed or forgotten, click on “Forgot your Passphrase” and follow the steps to recover it.
  • In the main menu, in the option “Select one of your gateways to manage” search and select the model of your router.
  • On the side menu, find the section “My Wireless Network” and then click on “WIFI”.
  • In the “Wireless Networks” section, find the “Paraphrase” field and change it for a new password.
  • Click “Save” at the button placed at the top and the process will be completed.

Since this method depends on credentials provided by Mediacom as company, it is recommendable to ask for support in case of any issue. The configuration is similar on different models of routers, which the user must select in the fifth step of the configuration process.