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How to Change WI-FI Password

How to change WIFI Password Globe router

There are several brands and manufacturers specialized in internet solutions and connectivity for home and offices, which include WIFI devices that offer the advantage of making a wired connection completely wireless, so it can be possible to provide connectivity to smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs and others, with reliability and security.

With routers of different brands the processes of changing the WIFI password can vary but at the end are very similar. Today we will be showing how to change the WIFI password global router, for devices of the brands like Prolink, ZTE, Huawei and Aztech.

The user has to be sure of connecting the WIFI router physically to a computer or laptop via Ethernet cable, and from it have an open window on the internet browser of choice and then follow the next steps:

For Prolink routers such as H5004NK, Tattoo Prepaid, Postpaid Pocket and similar models

  • To access the Prolink router, go to the internet browser tab and on the address bar enter the IP β€œ192.168.254.254”.
  • Click on the option β€œSetup” placed at the lower right of the screen.
  • If credentials have not been changed, in the User Name and Password must be entered β€œadmin” and β€œuser”, respectively.
  • Being inside the router settings, click on β€œSetup” on the main menu and then on β€œWireless LAN”, and in the submenu the user must click on the option β€œSecurity”.
  • In here, there is a field called β€œPre-Shared Key” in which we could write a new password.
  • After the new password is added, the last step is clicking on β€œApply Changes” and the process is done.

For Huawei routers such as B315S, 936, 938, Home Broadband and similar models

  • On the new tab on the internet browser of choice, enter the IP address β€œ192.168.254.254” to access the router.
  • To enter the login credentials, click on the option β€œLog In” in the top menu.
  • In the User Name space the word β€œuser” must be entered, while in the Password space the word is β€œ@l03e1t3”. This works if the router have been reset by default or credentials have not been changed.
  • Now on the graphic internet of the router, in the side menu locate the option β€œAdvance” and click on it, and then the same on β€œWireless LAN” an a drop menu will appear.
  • We click on β€œWLAN Basic Settings” and in β€œWLAN Key” you can edit and write a new password.
  • Click on β€œApply” to save changes.

For Huawei Tattoo Home 4G LTE model

  • Type the router IP address β€œ192.168.254.254” on the address bar on an internet browser tab.
  • When the router ask for the credentials, in user name enter the word β€œuser” and in the password type the word β€œ@l03e1t3”. Click on the button β€œLog in”.
  • On the main menu on the left, click on β€œWIFI” and by scrolling down write a new password the WPA-PSK section.
  • Click on the β€œSubmit” button and the process is done.

For Pocket Huawei E5573Cs 933, 90E2 and similar models, using the mobile app

  • Install the app Huawei HILink available for Android and iPhone.
  • With the app installed and running, click on β€œStart”.
  • Select the β€œGear” function of the main menu.
  • Find the router model you are using and then click on β€œMy-WIFI”.
  • In the space Password the user can enter a new one.
  • Click on β€œOK” and you are good to go.

For ZTE ZXHN H108N V2.5 model

  • This model of ZTE router can be accessed by typing the IPs β€œ192.168.254.254” or β€œ192.168.1.1” on the address bar on an internet browser tab.
  • A gray menu will appear. We will click on the option β€œLogin”, and for Username we are going to type the word β€œadmin”, and for the password the word β€œpassword” might do the job. β€œbayandsl” and β€œb4y4nT3L” may also word as key security phrases.
  • Inside the router, on the main menu on the side we will click on β€œNetwork” and the in the option β€œSecurity”.
  • In the section Passphrase you can change the password and enter a new one. By clicking on β€œSubmit” the modifications will be applied and saved on the router.

For ZTE MF612 model

  • On a browser tab, enter the IP address β€œ192.168.1.1” on the address bar.
  • Write the word β€œuser” in the User Name and Password spaces as well.
  • On the main menu inside the router, click on the β€œBasic Status” button and then on β€œWIFI Settings” in the submenu.
  • Then, click in β€œSecurity” and modify the password corresponding to β€œWEP Key 1”
  • End the procedure by clicking on β€œApply”

For At Home Prepaid model

  • Access the router by typing β€œ192.168.254.254”.
  • On the left menu click in the β€œLogin” option.
  • User Name and Password are unique for every device, being located in a sticker under the router.
  • Inside the router, click on the β€œWIFI Settings” button.
  • Click on β€œSSID” and change the password in the β€œWPA Pre-Shared Key” section.
  • End the process by clicking in β€œApply”.

For HG180 model

  • On a window or tab of your favorite router, enter the β€œ192.168.1.1” IP address to access the router.
  • Enter the credentials: β€œadmin” on the User Name, and β€œaisamin” on the Password.
  • On the menu on the left, click on β€œBasic Setup” and then on β€œWireless LAN”.
  • Click on β€œSecurity Settings 2.4GHZ” and change the password in the WPA Pre-shared Key section.
  • Click on β€œApply” to end the process.

For Aztech DSL 5001EN, 5018EN, 5068EN–1T1R and similar models

  • Connect the router and write the IP address β€œ192.168.1.1” or β€œ192.168.254.254” on the address bar on an internet browser.
  • On the top menu, click on β€œLogin”.
  • In the User Name space write β€œuser” and the Password enter β€œuser”, β€œadmin” or β€œ3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEC2d2e”.
  • Click on β€œLogin”.
  • Click on β€œWireless” on the main menu and then on β€œSecurity” in the submenu.
  • Type a new password in the β€œPre-Shared Key” space.
  • Click on β€œApply” and the process is finished.

For Tattoo LTE Pocket E5330, e5220 and similar models:

  • In an internet browser type the following IP address: β€œ192.168.1.1”, β€œ192.168.8.1” or β€œ192.168.0.1”
  • When the router asks for the credentials, write β€œadmin” on both the User Name and Password spaces.
  • On the top menu click on the β€œSettings” button.
  • Click on β€œSystem” and then on the option β€œModify Password” to enter the new one.
  • Clicking on β€œApply” will end the process and apply changes.