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How to Change WI-FI Password

How to change WIFI Password Midco router

WIFI is an essential technology these days, allowing us to connect our devices to the internet wirelessly, which are not a few but a lot of them that include smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, smart watches and other wearables and even appliances.

With plenty of devices connected, it is very important to protect our WIFI networks from intruders, so the quality of the connection stay the same and personal information do not get out, meaning in privacy problems.

In the next section we will be showing you how to change WIFI password for Midco services, as direct provider of internet solutions via modems and routers by many brands.

Different procedures to change WIFI password directly from Midco and using routers from different brands

The process is very similar in comparison to one device and the other changing in little things, and there are procedures that require internet connection since WIFI password and SSID names are managed by Midco directly through their panels and apps:

Changing WIFI password using My Account Panel

  • Open a tab or window on the internet browser of preference and go to the website β€œ”.
  • At this point, the Midco platform will require access credentials, such as User Name and Password that are provided by the company. In case of not having them, click in the option β€œForget Username/Password?” or in β€œRegister”, in case this is the first time accessing.
  • On the main menu that should appear, look for the option β€œManage”.
  • Search for the model of modem the company provided you, and then accordingly apply changes in β€œWIFI” and β€œSecurity”.

Changing WIFI password using the Midco WIFI app

  • Download the Midco WIFI app to your Android or iOS device, from the Google Play or App Market.
  • Launch the app and tap on the option β€œMy WIFI” on the main menu.
  • Select your network that must be recognized from the list according to the SSID.
  • In β€œNetwork Name” you can change it by just typing a new one.
  • In β€œNetwork Password” you can enter the new key-phrase and changes will be applied automatically.

For Cisco DPC3825, DPC3828 and similar models

  • Connect the router physically or wirelessly to the computer.
  • Open an internet browser and type the IP address β€œ192.168.0.1”.
  • In this case, credentials as User Name and Password can be left in blank, so click directly on β€œLogin”.
  • In the β€œQuick Setup Page” section, select the WIFI frequency between β€œ2.4 GHz” and β€œ5.0 GHz”.
  • Enter a new password for the network in the β€œPre-Shared Key” section.
  • To save the procedure, click on β€œSave Settings”.

For Hitron CGN-RES and CODA4582 Router Models

  • Enter the IP β€œ192.168.0.1” on a new internet browser, in the address bar section.
  • When the router asks for User Name and Password, enter the words β€œcusadmin” y β€œpassword” respectively. Click on β€œLogin”.
  • On the main menu on the left, select the option β€œWireless” and then β€œBasic Settings”.
  • Search for the option β€œWPS and Security”, click it and add a new password.
  • Finish the process by clicking on β€œApply”.

For Hitron CGNM224, CGN3RES, CGNMRES and similar router models

  • On the address bar on the internet browser of choice, enter the IP address: β€œ192.168.0.1”.
  • For User Name enter the word β€œcusadmin” and for Password enter β€œpassword” and click on β€œLogin”.
  • Search for the option β€œWireless” and then β€œBasic Settings” on the main menu.
  • Look for the field β€œPass Phrase” and click it to enter the new password.
  • Click on β€œSave Changes” and the procedure will be done.

For Technicolor CGM4231 model

  • Using Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Edge or any other internet browser, enter the IP β€œ192.168.0.1” to access the router.
  • For User Name and Password, enter the word β€œcusadmin” in the first one and β€œpassword” on the second one. Click on β€œLogin” to enter the configuration.
  • On the main menu on the left side, click on β€œWireless” and then on β€œSecurity” to generate a sub-section. Write a new password in the β€œPassphrase” field.
  • Finish the process click in β€œSave” and you are good to go.

Any of the routers can be reset to default settings by pressing the β€œReset” switch placed at the back of the device, for at least 10 seconds straight. The router will reset and prior processes showing will work properly to set new WIFI passwords.