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How to Change WI-FI Password

HughesNet router login & WIFI password

When it comes to wireless internet connections that work over WIFI, security is a very important thing to consider, since if such networks that are available on the air are completely open, basically anyone nearby may access and reduce speed in the connection and what is worse; the possibility of accessing to personal information and mobile and local devices connected to the network.

To avoid all of this, internet connections over WIFI must be protected using a password, so intruders cannot access. We will be showing you how to change WIFI password on HughesNet routers.

Default HughesNet Router Login credentials

IP ADDRESS Username Password (blank) admin admin admin admin

Changing the WIFI password on the HughesNet Modem

Before getting into the actual simple steps to change WIFI password on this HughesNet router model, we need to make sure that the laptop or computer we are using to perform the procedure is connected to the WIFI in question, physically or wirelessly. Having done that, follow the next steps:

  • With the router connected to the computer or laptop, let´s open a tab in the internet browser of choice, and on the address bar we will be entering the IP “”. The URL address “” also work to access the router.
  • When the router asks for the credentials to access, such as User Name and Password, these are unique and are written physically on the router and also on the box or look at the previous section.
  • Having accessed to the router, on the left menu click on the option “WIFI Settings”.
  • To provide access, the router will require entering an “Administrative Password” which by default is “admin”, then click on “Log in”.
  • On the next screen, clicking on “Password” will allow to change it to a new one, similarly to the “Network Name (SSID)” that allow to change name of the network.
  • To save the previous procedure, click on “Save Settings” to finish the process.

If for any reason you cannot change the password by following the previous method for HughesNet router, there is a possibility credentials of the device might have been changed and then forgotten.

So, to return the router to default settings and the procedure shown before works properly as intended, you only have to locate a “Reset” button on the back of the router and press it for at least 10 seconds. The lights on the device should blink and then work normally, being ready to apply the precious process and set a secure password to avoid unauthorized access.