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How to Change WI-FI Password

SuddenLink router login & WIFI Password

When it comes to a technology that has become almost necessary at homes, offices and other places, WIFI or wireless internet connection is definitely one of them by allowing users to stay connected with their mobile and local devices, with same reliability and speed of a connection by wire, but including a lot of the benefits in terms of structure, ease of use and number of devices connected at once.

But, in order to enjoy WIFI technology at its fullest and with no risk regarding security, privacy and reliability of the network, speed and quality, every wireless connection must secured with a password, which is very easy to set as a process that can carry out anyone by following a few steps we will be showing.

Establishing a Strong and Secure Password for Suddenlink and Related Routers

Such steps are specific for SuddenLink service providers and related routers and different models, and here are the guides and steps to follow and have a secure WIFI connection:

Steps from the Official SuddenLink Website

  • The user can set a WIFI password directly from the SuddenLink website as direct ISP. To do so, open a new tab on any internet browser and visit the page: ””.
  • The platform will ask for credentials, such as “Username” and “Password” that the contractor of the service should have. When credentials are entered, click on “Login” to access.
  • At the top of the home page there is a button called “Settings”, click on it and then select the option “Passwords and Security” on the menu.
  • Click on “Change Password”, and then enter the older one and then the new one. It is recommended to add letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Click on “Save” to apply the procedure and done.

General Routers Guide to Apply on Any Wireless Device SuddenLink

  • Open a new tab or window on the internet browser of preference, and on the address bar type one of these IPs: “”, “” or “”. Depending on the brand of the router, at least one of the pervious IPS should work.
  • It is time to enter the credentials and access the modem: enter the word “mso” in username and “suddenlink” in password or “cusadmin” for the username and “password” for the password or key phrase. In some cases, “admin” is the word for both credentials on many router brands.
  • On the new main menu loaded on the left, search for the option “Change Password” and click it.
  • Fill the “Old password” field with the previous password, and on type the new on “New Password”.
  • Click on “Set” and then on “Apply” to save changes.

Suddenlink login router

Default Suddenlink login and password & IP

Default IP address:
Default username: cusadmin
Default password: password

For Hitron CODA-4582, CGN3AMR, CGNM3552, CGN3ACR, ACSMR router models

  • On the preferred internet browser, on a new tab type on the address bar the next IP: “”.
  • Complete the required credentials by typing “cusadmin” on the Username and “password” on Password.
  • Click on “Login” to access the router configuration.
  • Now, on the top menu find the option “Wireless” and then select “Basic Settings” from the deployed menu.
  • Go to the “Password” field and type a new one, as an option inside the “Multiple SSID Settings” menu.
  • Click on “Save Changes” and the whole new configuration will be applied.

In case credentials do not work or default settings had been changed in the past, to return the device to factory configuration, just press the button “Reset” on the back of the emitter for 10 seconds.

How to Suddenlink Web Account Login

To access your Suddenlink web account and log in you must go to this address:

If you do not have a user, you must register by entering this address: