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How to Change WI-FI Password

How to change WIFI Password PTCL modem

PTCL is a company specialized on internet and communication services, providing the infrastructure to connect users across the United States and other countries. To do so, the company offers different models of modems and routers designed by different brands, which can be configured properly.

By using this configuration we can set the almost mandatory WIFI password, and therefore protect the network from unauthorized access that can affect bandwidth, speed and also put at risk personal information and devices that are connected to it.

Easy steps to change WIFI password for PTCL connection using different router models

Fortunately, the process on how to change WIFI password for PTCL connection is very easy. We will show you the way to do it by following easy steps, on plenty of different router models compatible.

Prior to the process, make sure the computer or laptop to use to carry out the steps is connected to the WIFI network in question, or through wire via Ethernet cable. LetΒ΄s begin the related steps:

For AN1020-25U ADSL2+, Urdu, Indi, PK, EVO, BB Router Models

  • Using the browser of choice, on the address bar type the IP address: β€œ192.168.1.1”. If such IP does not work, β€œ192.168.10.1” should do the job.
  • At the moment the router requires credentials, enter β€œadmin” for both the User Name and Password.
  • On the left menu, search for the main option β€œWireless” and then write the new name of the network in the β€œSSID” field.
  • In the same β€œWireless” section click on β€œSecurity”.
  • In the β€œManual Setup AP” section, write down a new password in β€œWPA-WAPI Passphrase” field.
  • Click β€œApply-Save” to apply the prior procedure.

For Charji EVO Cloud, Wingle Models and Similar

  • On a new tab on the internet browser of preference, on the address bar type the β€œ192.168.1.1” IP address.
  • Write β€œadmin” in both Account and Password when such credentials are required to access the router.
  • Click on β€œLogin” and enter the device.
  • On a top menu, click on β€œWIFI”.
  • At the left appears a new menu, search the option β€œBasic”.
  • Add a new password in the β€œPre-Shared Key” section.
  • Finish the process by clicking in β€œApply”.

For Charji EVO ZTE in Android Phones

  • On the address bar of any internet browser, enter the IP: β€œ192.168.1.1”.
  • For credentials, in User Name and Password enter the word β€œadmin” for both and click on β€œLogin”.
  • On the main menu, search for the β€œWIFI Setting”.
  • There is a section called β€œWIFI Key”, in here the user may type the new password.
  • Finish the process clicking on β€œApply” and changes will be applied.

For TP Link WR-720N, WR-841D, WR-940N and Similar Models

  • In Chrome, Mozilla or any other web browser of choice, enter the IP address β€œ192.168.1.1” or β€œ192.168.0.1” on the address bar and press Enter.
  • For both User Name and Password enter the word β€œadmin” if such credentials have not been changed and still are default.
  • On the main menu on the left, click on β€œβ€Wireless” and then on the β€œWireless Security” section.
  • Check the mark that corresponds to β€œWPA-WPA2-PSK” and type the new key access on the Password field.
  • Click on β€œSave” and the changes will be applied. The router will reset.

Any of these routers can be return to default settings in case the procedure is not working or credentials are not allowing access. To do it, with a pointed object press the β€œReset” button in the back of the device for a few seconds. The router will restart with default settings and password now can be modified.