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How to Change WI-FI Password

How to change WIFI Password Xfinity

Usually, setting a wireless connection or WIFI in general is related to a similar process in devices from different brands, only changing in one or a few steps but overall being very alike. Nevertheless, when it comes to Xfinity routers and infrastructure that involves WIFI connection, the process on establishing a password and setting the whole configuration for best functioning is very different.

Here are the guidelines to set the password on WIFI and internet services that is provided by Xfinity, as a mandatory task to do to protect the connection against intruders and unauthorized access to data running on the connected devices, avoiding also issues in the speed and general bandwidth provided by the ISP, in this case Xfinity.

Changing WIFI password on Xfinity services using Comcast TG852G, DPC3939, DPC3941IT and similar routers

  • First of all, we are going to access to the configuration by using a computer or laptop that is already connected to the physical infrastructure in the house or office, wired or wirelessly to the WIFI emitting device or router corresponding to Xfinity.
  • We are going to turn the computer or laptop connected to the infrastructure, and then from our preferred internet browser we are going to access to the URL address “”.
  • In the home screen of the website, at the top right there is the “Login” option and by clicking it, we will be able to login and access through the credentials, such email account and password provided by the company.
  • Having accessed using the account credentials, at this point we are going to be able to change any parameter of connection, and of course the WIFI password as the one we are focusing on.

So, the next step is to locate the main menu that is placed to the left, and click on the “INTERNET” button.

  • In the INTERNET option there are several functions to set, but in this case we are going to be clicking on “WIFI CREDENTIALS”.
  • In this section the platform shows the name of the WIFI connection or SSID, along with the password that is established at that very moment. If it is the first time changing the WIFI password, the previous one will be the one set by default.
  • To change the name of the WIFI connection, click on the “Edit” button and enter the characters corresponding to the new name of the network.
  • Changing the WIFI password is a similar process, by clicking on the “Edit” button next to the space showing the previous password.

Like this, in the space we enter the new password that is recommendable to be long, with 13 characters at least and including special symbols, numbers and letters, with no actual words.

  • When either the name of the WIFI connection or the password or both have been changed, in order to apply those changes the user must click on “Save”, so the changes can be applied and saved on the WIFI emitter.
  • Automatically, the wireless router will reset and in case this does not happen, it is advisable to reset the device manually for changes to be actually applied.