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How to Change WI-FI Password

Change Wifi Password Arris TG862

Setting WIFI password and other security functions on the Arris TG862

With no question, the possibility to enjoy o wireless connection in businesses, offices, houses and virtually any public and private space is amazing, allowing us to stay connected permanently where mobile devices also play a huge role.

With WIFI, it is possible to download content online or stream it, while we receive messages and work on our local and portable computers, all at once. Wireless connections are definitely of the most useful technologies nowadays, although it can also be related with some disadvantages and risks.

For example, when wireless networks are not properly protected against intruders with the corresponding password, sensitive and personal information can be at expense of anyone accessing the network, meaning a severe risk for security and privacy in general.

For those users of the Arris TG862 wireless modem router specially designed for Xfinity customers, we are going to be showing a guide with very easy steps on how to set the WIFI password for such device, easily and with a tutorial style for better understanding and like this having an adequate and protected WIFI from intruders, meaning that network will never lose their performance and speed.

But first, it would be valuable to know some of the characteristics the Arris TG862 offers as a multi-purpose internet terminal, as an all-in-one device for Xfinity client in terms of specs, general and specific functions, along with protocols and focus for office and business use.

Possibilities of the Arris TG862 gateway and wireless router

Specifically, the Arris TG862 is a is one-to-rule-them-all device, suitable for internet connection provided by the Xfinity company in the United States and focused on the office, house and small business market, with all the functions users might need respecting their connectivity and without requiring any extra hardware, as it would be the case with other companies that only provide wired modem, while wireless function is at expense of the customer.

The Arris TG862 is a residential gateway with telephony, wired connection and wireless networking at once, with security and advanced features that allow it to offer a proper internet service. The specific features of the device are:

  • First of all, this Arris model is a cable modem with up to two VoIP phone lines to have different phone numbers, along with the internet connection provided by the ISP, in this case Xfinity as a company with a wide set of solutions and plans for office, business and residential customers.
  • Wired routing thanks to 4 RJ45 LAN or Ethernet ports located on the back for computers, portable laptops, consoles and other hardware that can take benefit of such hard line with faster speeds and reliability.
  • Single coaxial connection on the back for data transmission.
  • 802.11b/g/n built-in WIFI with up to 300 Mbps downloads and security features as WPA2 encryption and DOCSIS 3.0 standard that allow the device to use more channels to offer a more reliable connection and bandwidth.

Starting the process to set a new WIFI password on the Arris TG862 by accessing it

To start the modification of any of the parameters and functions given by the Arris TG862, naturally we must access it first with the help of a computer or portable device through wired or wireless connection. This is way simpler than it sounds at first glance and can be done by following the next steps:

  • Turn on the wireless modem router and the device we are going to be using to perform the process with, either being a PC, laptop or mobile device.
  • If we use a computer or device with a LAN port, connect the modem to the computer using an Ethernet port on the back. If we are using a mobile device, connect it to the open WIFI be default provided by the emitter. Now both devices should be connected.
  • With the computer or phone connected to the Arris router, now open a new tab or window on an updated internet browser. Chrome, Edge or any other will do the job.
  • On the URL bar on the browser type down the router´s default IP: “”.
  • At this point, the router will ask for access credentials: for Username is the word “admin”, and for the passphrase, the user must access the website, enter the device´s release date on the back and the password will be provided.
  • Press Enter on the keyboard and we should be on the home screen.

Setting a proper and secure WIFI password on the Arris TG862

Now that we are in the Arris TG862 and its general settings, we are going to be able to establish a customized password for the wireless internet connection. To do so, follow the next steps that are quite simple to carry out:

  • On the home screen, click on the option “wireless setup” that is available on the main menu of the Arris modem router.
  • By doing so, a new options menu will appear with all the functions related to wireless connectivity and its security. To begin with, let´s click on “SSID” and complete the name of the network to change it.
  • On the next option, select the type of the encryption the WIFI password will have, being the WAP2-PSK the one to choose due to its security. Do not select “WEP” in any case since is an obsolete, vulnerable and out of date security protocol.
  • On the “passphrase (pre-shared key)” option, enter the new password, which must be at least 13 characters long, and for best security is recommended to included numbers and letters to apply a strong password.
  • Click on “Save” and changes will be applied after the router gets rebooted.

With a strong WIFI password there is little to no chance of dealing with intruders in our network, so getting worried about decreasing in performance and speed of the connection and access to personal and sensitive data is a thing of the past. It is recommended to change the passphrase periodically and not giving it away to the first person who asks for it.