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How to Change WI-FI Password

Change WIFI Password Arris TG1682

WIFI is a technology that at this point is essentially present in almost every home and office in the world, due to the need of being connected wirelessly and seamlessly from any device and because of the importance being online represents for work, studies, recreation and other important general aspects of life.

This means that plenty of personal information or sensitive data that is present on mobile devices, such as phones, tablets and even wearable watches and appliances is running on the wireless network at some point, being obviously risky if such connection is open for intruders that are capable of accessing freely.

To avoid this and other possible dangerous situations respecting general security and privacy online, WIFI must always be protected with a passphrase and other protocols to put obstacles on those who want to enter and access personal data, router´s configuration or just steal bandwidth that ultimately will affect the performance and speed of the network.

In the next section we will be showing the steps to change WIFI password on the Arris TG1682, in order to enjoy a secure network without risk of any intruder to access without permission, even if their nearby.

Characteristics of the Arris TG1682 Wireless Router

Before starting the guide with the easy steps to set the WIFI password on the Arris TG1682 emitter, here are some of the characteristics provided by the device that are useful to know, covering every need in general for the average user in terms of connectivity, speed and reliability.

Some features of the Arris TG1682 are:

  • The device is an all-in-one terminal capable of managing internet connection, cable for TV signal and telephone at once, via coaxial and also capable of broadcasting the network wirelessly and also by wire, thanks to 4 LAN ports on the back for more robust connection for local computers, TVs, consoles and others.
  • Dual Band coverage on the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies for a more comprehensive broadcasting of the network, reaching up to 300 Mbps on the first one mentioned and 850 Mbps on the second, with great speed and reliability across obstacles and through several meters of distance from the source.
  • Complete compatibility with IPV6 internet protocol, future proving the device for many years to come, also covering the IPV4 version that is being quickly replaced.
  • Guest network availability to increase security for the main network and general connectivity of the router, with proper and independent SSID or name and password that is completely separated from the central one, perfect for temporary guests and visitors.
  • Built-in researchable battery that allows the Arris TG1682 to stay powered even when there is no electricity available, functioning for a couple hours and keeping settings safe.
  • Other features are easy GUI to set the router, security options as MAC filters, parental control and the possibility to limit the bandwidth for every device via IP address, along with built-in USB ports to add storage to the network and exchange files.

Easy process to set a WIFI password on the Arris TG1682 wireless router

Knowing the different possibilities and functions available on the Arris TG1682, now we can start establishing the WIFI password to protect the network from intruders and keep personal information safe.

The steps to follow the procedure are:

  • For starters, turn on the wireless router and make sure is connected to the device to be used to set the emitter. If it is going to be a smartphone or tablet via WIFI, connect it to the emitting device to the open network. If the device is a local computer or laptop with a LAN port, connect it to the router through this same port and you are good to go.
  • Now that the setting device is able to communicate with the router through wired or wireless connection, the next step is actually access it. To do so, open a new window or tab on any internet browser of choice, which could be any from Chrome to Edge. It is recommended that the software version of the browser is the last one for better security.
  • On the internet browser, locate the URL address bar and type: “” which is the IP address of the router and acts as gateway to access it. Press Enter on the keyboard.
  • At this point, a prompt window will appear on the screen where the router asks for access credentials, so the user can enter and start changing the parameters and general settings. In the Admin space the passphrase is “admin” while for Password the phrase to type down is “password”. Press Enter on the keyboard and you should have access granted to the device.
  • Being logged in, the home page inside the router shows three main tabs on the top. Select the one called “Wireless” to establish parameters related to WIFI.
  • Then, a new sub-menu will appear above all options. For easier configuration of all the functions related to WIFI, select the “Basic Setup” on the sub-menu and in there will be available every parameter to modify, easily and without requiring entering on more complex options.
  • Start scrolling on the sub-menu and options will be there. Change the band in which the router will work, which could be 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz depending on the devices to be connected and connection speed.
  • If required, modify the SSID and write a new name for the network in “SSID”, as well as select the type of security in which the connection will be based on, being recommended to select “WPA2-PSK” for better encryption.
  • Now, in “Pre-shared key” enter a new password that may include numbers and letters. It is recommended not to write a passphrase with sequential numbers and use a long with, since up to 63 characters can be entered thanks to the WPA2-PSK encryption.
  • After all of the prior steps have been introduced, click on “Apply” and every change will be saved after the Arris TG1682 wireless router is rebooted. Now, the new network will be protected with a new name or SSID that can be hidden and with a new password, so intruders cannot access.