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How to Change WI-FI Password

Spectrum Modem Login

Spectrum is one of the biggest ISPs or Internet Service Providers in the United States, with more than one hundred million customers and counting. To offer its connection solutions, Spectrum offers modems and routers from different brands that have slightly but very similar processes of configuration and accessing, manage and set every function.

Arris, Sagemcom, NetGear, Technicolor, Ubee and others are some of the router and modem manufacturers selected by Spectrum to offer networking and internet solutions in homes and offices.

Entering and setting these Spectrum-based routers is very easy to configure gateway access and password, WIFI credentials, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz connection, along with the rest of functions. Let´s see how is done using different methods that may differ from one brand to the other.

What to Do First to Access a Spectrum Modem and Router

Before starting the process of accessing the modem and router devices, we have to make sure of meeting some previous requirement of connection, and also count on with other resources that will help throughout the login purpose. These are:

  • Whether the user has an Arris, NetGear, Sagemcom or any other router from these brands, it must connected to a computer by wired through a LAN port, while if the process is going to be done with a smartphone or tablet, it must connected through WIFI.
  • It is important that the internet connection that the device (computer, laptop or smartphone) is receiving is provided by the Spectrum ISP, since accessing the modem or router for the first time will be done online.

Steps to Login Spectrum Modem and Router

With the modem and router up and running and sending internet to the device we will be using to login and change parameters, we are ready to follow the steps and complete the process and then have the advantage of changing parameters and functions on the emitter. Let´s get started:

  • On the device connected to the router, open a new window or tab on the internet browser of preference. Any updated browser will work just fine.
  • Spectrum offers its own platform to access the modem through the internet browser and provided internet connection. So, on the new browser window located the Address Bar and enter the URL: “”.
  • Enter the User Name and Password by filling the corresponding information, in case Spectrum already give you access credentials. If that is not the case, create new credentials to access by clicking in “Create a Username”.
  • Enter a new User Name and Password in the corresponding fields.
  • Click on “Apply” and information will saved.

These new credentials will now work to access the Spectrum modem and router. However, depending on the emitter that is being used and brand, the more traditional method of accessing can be also applied.

For example, by entering the router´s IP address or gateway on the browser and by using the User Name and Password created as in the previous steps, although such IP can differ from one model of router to the other, depending on they are Arris, NetGear, Ubee or from other manufacturer.

In case the user is in the need of changing login credentials, the router must be online and connected to the internet service provided by Spectrum, and then follow the steps as before from “Create a User Name”. It is not possible to change login username and password offline, since this process is performed in Spectrum´s proper platform.

Changing WIFI password and Network Name on Spectrum Modem and Router

Now that we are able to access the router´s settings by following the previous process, there are many things that can be done to protect our network and personal information, such as establishing a password for wireless connection and even change and hide the SSID or network´s name, all with the purpose of protecting data.

  • Access the Spectrum modem by following the previous process. It can be done offline as well, by entering the router´s IP address on a new window on the browser of choice. “” is the most frequent gateway of Spectrum devices.
  • Enter User Name and Password previously configured.
  • When getting in, on the main menu on the left look for the option “Network” and then “Wireless”.
  • In SSID or Network Name, enter a new name for the WIFI connection that the router will be emitting. Scrolling down a little bit, you can select “hide SSID Broadcasting” and the network´s name will not be shown to surrounding devices, being more secure.
  • To change the WIFI password, click on “WPA2 Pre-Shared Key” and add a new and secure passphrase. It is recommended to use one with at least 13 characters for better security.
  • Click on “Apply” and changes will saved.

In case the credentials and IP or gateway introduced to access the Spectrum routers offline are not working, it is recommended to check the manual or online website to check the IP´s router according to model and brand and the default username and passphrase. This is because Spectrum provides users with plenty of routers and modems from different manufacturers.

For instance, Arris routers´IP to access is “” and credentials are “admin” for username and “password” for the password. However, in case of Ubee routers the IP is the same but username and password are different: “user” and “user”, respectively. Accessing the router with online credentials using the Spectrum platform is mostly recommended to avoid issues.