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Red Globe On Verizon Router: What to do?

Having a good and reliable internet connection is definitely a must these days, since virtually every device at home or at the office is online or sending and receiving data. From the smartphone and personal computer to a tablet, smart watch and in some cases even the appliances, many devices need internet connection to function properly. That is why; a red globe on a Verizon router is a serious problem.

Many homes, business and office in the United States and other countries use internet services provided by Verizon, which obviously includes the network infrastructure that includes a Verizon modem with a router built-in.

Usually, Verizon´s connection is fast, stable and reliable all together through this router model, but in some cases issues are present and connectivity or data exchange get lost. This is when problems appears on the device, represented by this red globe on the Verizon router that tells the user that something is not working properly or connection is not present.

Let´s learn exactly what this globe on the router means and how can it be repaired, in order to recover the internet connection that in most of the cases is simply a necessity.

What is the red globe on a Verizon router and what does it mean?

When it comes to a Verizon router, this emitting device shows two lights at once; one that shows the symbol of a WIFI connection, meaning that the router is broadcasting a wireless signal for other devices to pick up; the other one is a globe icon that lights on when the router is functioning, so it is a power light in summary.

The thing is, this globe power light is also a connection status light. In details, when it is on and white, the device is emitting a proper internet connection for device to detect and pick. However, when the light on the globe power icon turns red, this means that while the WIFI signal is still emitted, it does not provide of a working internet connection and data exchange.

Now, whilst the red globe means an internet connection issue for sure, it does not say what is the specific problem or what it is that is causing it in the first place. For this, the light on the icon behaves according to the problem, and in this way the user can have at least and approximation on what is the problem. In details:

  • When the red globe´s light is not flashing at all and remains still the entire time, this would indicate a problem getting internet connection altogether. In other words, there is no communication or data exchange with servers.
  • If the red light on the globe icon is flashing slowly, this would mean that the internet problem might be caused by a problem with a gateway or other port.
  • In case the red light on the icon is flashing fast, at least three times per second, this would mean that the device is not function properly due to overheating.

How to fix the red globe on Verizon router and recover connectivity?

Knowing what the red globe on Verizon routers means when it appears and how the lights behave depending on the issue, we can start some troubleshooting and try to recover the internet connection. To do so, let´s follow the next steps:

  • Turn off and relocate the device

If the light is flashing very fast and knowing that this means overheating, the first thing to do is turn off the router for the heat to dissipate and later relocate the device in a more open area. In this way, overheating is avoided and the issue should be fix.

  • Check if service is suspended due to weather condition or outages

In some cases, the internet connection can be suspended or stop working properly due to outages or weather conditions as storms and many others. The recommendation is to turn off the device and wait until everything is normal again.

  • Check physical connections on the router

The issue that avoid proper internet connection can be related to poorly connected ports or cables, so it is always recommended to check that every LAN interface on the back of the router is plugged as it should. Turn of the router and check every cable, even disconnecting and reconnecting them to make sure. Turn the router back on.

  • Check internal settings on the router

Internal settings on the router and their configuration is very important, since with a bad configuration there is the possibility of losing connection. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid changing advanced features if they are not understood or manage by someone with knowledge. For example, changing and modifying gateways improperly may lead to connection issues.

  • Reset the Optical Network Terminal or ONT

Verizon routers include an Alarm Silence button on the back, and by pressing it for at least 30 seconds the Optical Network Terminal or ONT will be reset, in the case any other step have not worked as intended to fix the connection and normal function of the router.

  • Return the Verizon router to factory settings

In case none of the previous troubleshooting steps give the desired result and the internet connection simply will not return. The last step is to return the router to its factory settings. In many cases, this solves the issue but all customized configurations and changes in the settings will be deleted, so that is something to keep in mind.

Usually, returning a router to factory settings is done by pressing the reset button on the back of the device for at least 10 seconds. Nonetheless, this depends on the router model and it is recommended to check the user manual to clear any doubts.