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How to Change WI-FI Password

Change WIFI Password Fios G1100

Having available WIFI at home or at the office and virtually any place is almost a necessity these days, allowing people to stay connected and access the internet with great bandwidth and without the need to spend available data offered by phone carriers, which is usually a lot more expensive and, limited and slow.

Now, in order to have WIFI available anywhere there is the need of a hardware related or emitting router that actually is able of broadcasting the signal nearby and provide connection. In case such emitted network is not protected, there are great risks for personal data and unauthorized access to happen, along with loss of performance and speed out of the connection in general.

To avoid all of these issues and keep personal data safe and performance of the connection as should, the best thing to do is to protect the wireless connection with a passphrase, as something that is possible using the Fios G1100.

In the next section will be addressed the steps to set and change WIFI password on the Fios G1100, with an easy guide that is very simple to follow and will allow to keep the network away from intruders.

Why having a WIFI password on the Fios G1100 wireless router?

Before getting into the process of changing the WIFI password and other parameters, it is worth knowing some of the reasons why WIFI having a password for the wireless network is almost mandatory, at home, office, business or any giving scenario:

  • Without a password, anyone nearby the network and physically to the router would be able to access, without any obstacle and this means that personal data would be at risk of being taken and shared, particularly worrisome in case of sensitive information is stored on devices connected to the network.
  • Performance loss is guaranteed when a WIFI network is open and without any password or other sort of available protection. This means that speed will be compromised for both uploads and downloads and general streaming. Wireless routers are designed to host a limited number of devices, and such number is easy to reach when the network is open due to unauthorized access.
  • With an open WIFI network, users with some sort of knowledge would be able to take data and invade privacy respecting the personal devices connected to it, and even take control remotely and change parameters on the router.

Process to change the WIFI password on the Fios G1100

Now knowing the importance of having a protected WIFI network and what could happen if not, the process to set such on the Fios G1100 wireless router is going to be shown next, with simple steps to follow to bring the best in security and protection for the connection´s performance and security of the users accessing it. Let´s get started:

  • First of all, we must turn on the Fios G1100 wireless router and connect it wirelessly or by wired to the device we will be using to access the emitter, which could be a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet with WIFI capabilities.

In case a PC is the one to be used to set the router or another device with LAN port, it is greatly recommended to connect it via wire, since physical connections are always more robust and allow such PC to access the router directly.

If the process is going to be performed with a tablet or smartphone, just connect it to the router through WIFI and enter the default password is required, usually written under the emitter.

  • Now that the device to set the router is connected to it, let´s open a new tab or window on the preferred internet browser, which could be from Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to Edge, Opera or Safari. The important thing is to use an updated version of the software.
  • Locate the URL bar on the new page or window on the internet browser, and then type the IP address “” on it. Since this is a Fios wireless router, the URL address will work just fine to access the emitter, after pressing Enter on the keyboard.
  • At this point, a prompt window will be shown asking for the Admin password to grant access to the Fios router. Such password is printed on the device itself to be entered at this step.
  • If this is the first time somebody tries to access the Fios router, a new setup wizard will be launched where customizing parameters on it is very easy and quite direct. Enter a new Admin password to access the router the next time by entering a new one on the “Admin” password bar.
  • Down below, change the name of the WIFI network by entering a new on the space bar “WIFI name (SSID)”. This is a recommendable step to apply, although is not actually mandatory.
  • The last option to set on the setup wizard is the “WIFI Password (WPA2 Key)”, as space where we can enter the new WIFI password for the network. Since it is based on the WAP2 encryption protocol, the passphrase can have from 8 to 63 characters between numbers and letters.
  • Click on “Next” and the entered information will be stored and apply shortly.
  • After the previous steps are completed, the router will allow complete access to its settings, with a Main Menu and up to seven different tabs to apply configurations and set parameters.
  • To change WIFI parameters and set 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands and their proper settings, the main tab to choose is the “Wireless Setting” one, from which also can be modified the WIFI password from the “Advanced Security Settings” option on the sub-menu.

By applying the previous procedure it will be possible to have a secure WIFI, without any risk and with mobile devices safe in terms of sensitive and personal information that they usually carry, along with media files and documents that in case of being connected to an open network, they would simply be able to fall in hands of intruders as a great risk for privacy.