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How to Change WI-FI Password

Arris Router Login

Arris routers are devices that make part of the networking and connection solution of a variety of ISPs or internet services providers, due to the quality, reliability and comprehensive set of functions these emitters offer. So, login in to an Arris router in case of having one is relevant, at the moment of managing network parameters and security options for the connection.

Luckily, accessing the Arris router´s configuration is easy and can be done by following some easy steps, allowing then to modify and personalize functions at best convenience and requirement of use, respecting passwords, credentials, bandwidth, gateways, IPs and more.

Let´s learn how to enter a router of this brand, the process to change the default name user and password for granted access and how the WIFI credentials can be modified as well, in order to have a secure and fast network with no intruders.

Accessing an Arris Router of Any Model: Physical or Wireless Connection

In order to access a router manufactured by Arris or virtually any other brand, a physical or wireless connection to it must be done first, which is actually quite easy to do and requiring just following the next detailed steps:

  • Get the Arris router up and running, since in this way the emitter is going to start broadcasting the WIFI connection and will also wait for a wired network to be plugged in and set.
  • To have complete access, we need a capable device to connect it to the router by wire or wirelessly. A smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop is going to work, some connected physically with a LAN port and others through WIFI, depending on the device to be utilized and user´s personal preference.

The important thing is that both devices must be connected for them to communicate each other properly.

Now that both the router and the device to perform the settings are on and connected to each other, the next steps to take are carried in the screen of the computer, smartphone or tablet that will be utilized for such purpose.

Accessing an Arris Router and Login in to the Device

With the router and device connected, accessing the emitter will be very easy by following these steps, in order to manage the parameters and set security functions respecting WIFI, credentials and others:

  • On the device to set the router, launch the internet browser of choice. Chrome, Edge, Safari and others are compatible. The recommendation is to use up-to-date software to avoid issues. Open a new tab or window ready to be utilized.
  • Locate the Address Bar on the browser, usually placed on the top of the screen. Let´s introduce the router´s IP or gateway to enter it. For Arris routers, the usual IP is “”. In some cases, the default gateway might be different, so checking for the address written on the bottom of the router is recommended.
  • When the IP is introduced and Enter on the keyboard is pressed, a small prompt window will appear as the router requiring the user name and password to grant access. For the User Name enter “admin”, while for Password enter the word “password”. Both credentials must be entered using lowercase letters.
  • Click on “Apply” and the router will provide access and will load its homepage.

Changing Default Arris Router Login Credentials for More Security

We have accessed to the Arris router with the default user name and password, and while this is convenient for the first time such credentials are better to be changed, in order to improve security and avoid intruders and unauthorized access since anyone with the default user name, password and connected to the network may get in.

To change the access information we are going to follow the next procedure:

  • Access to the Arris router by following the steps on the previous section.
  • Being at the router´s home screen, place the cursor or tap on the “Status” option on the main menu on the top.
  • Automatically, a sub-menu will appear with four options. We will be clicking on the second one that is “Security”.
  • In the middle of the screen will appear the available actions to take. First of all, the first and main option on this new set of functions is “Change User Name”, which must be selected to change the user name.
  • At this point, enter every blank corresponding to old user name and password, new user name and finally re-enter it.
  • When the information is complete, click on “Apply” and the changes will take effect immediately.
  • Return to the main option of the Security menu and change it from “Change User Name” to “Change Password”.
  • Similar to the previous step, enter old credentials, a new password that must be re-entered, click on “Apply” and the access information on the device will be updated.

Change the WIFI Password on Arris Routers

Now that access credentials have been changed, a recommended process to follow is changing the default WIFI password, which in some case is none. This is important to keep the WIFI connection safe and fast. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Access the router following prior instructions.
  • On the home page, select the option “System Basic Setup” on the main menu on top.
  • On the “Wireless 2.4 GHz” and “Wireless 5 GHz” sections or whether is the network to set, add a new password on the “Pre-Shared Key”.
  • Click on “Apply” and the changes will be applied and the network will be protected. It is possible to change the network´s name or SSID, in case the user needs to by entering a new one on the “Wireless Network Name (SSID)” option below pre-shared key.